My FIRST blog post! What?!

Testing testing! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for almost 3 years and I’m just now starting a blog. I’m so late to the game! I so enjoy reading other blogs, but I always think I’m not very interesting and that nobody would actually want to read MY blog. Then I realized, I may not be interesting, but my clients sure are! Most of the people I photograph are going through huge events in their lives like getting married, having babies, graduating high school, etc. THAT is exciting!! I will also be blogging about one of my favorite people in this whole world. She happens to be 11 months old, in a size 3 diaper and LOVES to moo like an elephant! I’m hoping all of you will follow me on this journey to learning the ins and outs of blogging, if not just to support me but also to laugh with (or at) me!

Elopement Photographer, couple stands atop canyon wall in the wilderness


Boom! You made it and the adventures that come next will be unforgettable! We are Vannessa and Coleman, the two-person photography team here to take you on some amazing adventures whether that’s backpacking into a remote vista, climbing some cascade peaks, or getting sandy on a coastal beach, were already in and want you to come with!