Cell Phone Photos Vs Digital Camera Photos

It’s no secret we live in a very technologically advanced world these days. Film is a rarity and even digital cameras appear to be well on their way to being labeled as cumbersome. The vast majority of us already carry our cell phones with us everywhere, charge them on most nights and, heck, I’ve seen some pretty nice photos come from cell phones! So what’s the problem? 

1. Cell phone camera photo size and resolution.
Sure, the photo may look okay on your photo, but what if you wanted to blow that photo up to an 8×10 or even canvas to decorate a wall of your home? I’ve blown up a few of my own personal cell phone photos of my baby girl and from my honeymoon and, while I was so happy to even have the photos, I couldn’t help but wish I had just brought my little point and shoot. For that reason, I almost always lug around my big DSLR for those “just in case” moments. A point and shoot works wonderful too though!

2. Cell phone cameras are not as intuitive as digital cameras.
Blurry photos are the pits! I shoot 99% of my photos in manual mode. I think the only time in the last year I haven’t is when I handed my camera to someone else to take photos of an event I was hosting. The control I have over my camera in manual mode is just addicting! However, when it comes to comparing a cell phone camera vs a digital camera in auto mode, it can make a HUGE difference! With every camera phone I’ve owned it seems to hold true that auto exposure, shutter speed, white balance and a possible added perk of image stabilization are more reliable with every digital camera I’ve owned. Now, I’m not saying this will hold true with every comparison, only with the phones and cameras I’ve personally owned.

3. How often do you transfer photos from your phone to your computer?
Honestly, I’m guilty of only doing this monthly, and every time I remember that it’s been that long I have a mini panic attack that I’m suddenly going to drop my phone in the toilet. How devastated would I be if I lost that photo I just took of my daughter and husband napping together? I would be heartbroken. Yes, I have THOUSANDS (okay, probably hundreds of thousands) of photos of them, but I want THAT ONE! It’s not difficult to plug my phone into my laptop with a USB cord, but where is that cord? How long will it take to transfer? Just do it. Seriously. If you have 5 minutes (and who doesn’t at some point during their day), transfer those photos! You won’t regret transferring them, but you will regret if you lost them.

4. Are you more likely to print a cell phone photo or a digital camera photo?

Personally, I’ve printed VERY FEW cell phone photos. I’ve actually had some print labs refuse to print my cell photos because the image resolution was too low. About once a month I go through my digital camera folders on my computer and make prints of recent events, lazy days around the house, funny captures and just randoms to add to our growing collection of prints. I want my daughter to have these, to hold these, to cherish these memories. I backup my photos on my computer and my external hard drive, but there is no better backup than having them in hand! Who knows, USBs and discs may not longer work in 5 or 10 years. I don’t want to take that risk!


So, here is my challenge to you! If you rarely use a digital camera (or heck, even a film camera!), dust it off or go purchase one and start taking some better quality photos for your family! Prints will last hundreds of years, can you say the same about your cell phone?



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