Danielle | Bonney Lake Maternity Photographer

You may have seen my post last week about Danielle, Jed and their twin baby boys. Danielle was on a flight when she suddenly became very sick and later found out she had lost one of her sweet babies. If you haven’t yet read Danielle’s story, I truly encourage you to do so. She is an INCREDIBLE writer. Her blogs are so full of emotion, wit, and humor. This one in particular is simply beautiful. It breaks my heart every single time I even think about it, but this woman is one of the bravest and most gracious people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Here is the link to her story – http://atwentysomethingnothing.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/an-open-letter-to-passengers-and-crew.html?m=1

Danielle and Jed met me and my amazing assistant, Heather, at Dash Point for their session. The sun was still pretty high and so was the tide. I had been hoping to duck under the pier for a little shade, but that was out of the question because of the tide. Heather held a reflector over me to keep the sun at bay for the entire session. This gave me a lot more freedom to utilize the beach! After some shots in the sand, we all got in the water (which I was really looking forward to because it was so hot!). Danielle was AMAZING! She is in her third trimester and managed to maneuver around so gracefully for so many different poses.

I’m so grateful and feel so blessed to have met her and Jed. I can’t wait to photograph their little boy any day now!!


Elopement Photographer, couple stands atop canyon wall in the wilderness


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