Karina and Mark | Mt. Rainier Engagement Photographer


Where we met Karina and Mark

When Karina and Mark reached out to us about doing a session we were so excited with some of the ideas they had in mind, including a spot we had been dying to try out for a session! When we narrowed down the location and date to its final form, Coleman and I were over the moon about getting to use this particular location again!

Karina and Mark looking wonderful with Tahoma

I was so excited about the outfits that Mark and Karina picked out, they popped so well!

Their early August session was during prime wildflower season, but also during the heatwave that rocked the Pacific Northwest this year. After much anticipation and coordinating with Mark and Karina about their sunset session time, outfits, opportunity to change, and parking location the day finally arrived!

We got to the spot early with the intent to hike to a very specific location and scout its accessibility for a session and then hike back down to meet Karina and Mark. Whew! It was so hot out, after getting to the top and withstanding the mid-day heat of 96° F and significant elevation gain, we were glad that the session wasn’t scheduled for another few hours. After determining exactly where we wanted to capture Mark and Karina’s wonderful engagement announcement we reached out to them and asked if they were comfortable meeting us at the starting location for the shoot, they said absolutely and we excitedly hiked back down to the location we were set to start the hike/session!


Getting to document their love for each other was such a special experience

Earlier, as Coleman and I took a moment to admire the view of Tahoma (Mt. Rainier), a young boy came up and asked if we had lost a cell phone on a nearby trail, as he had found one. We replied that no we hadn’t and then proceeded to talk about all the mountains in Washington the boy had climbed, including Shuksan, Kulshan (Mt. Baker), and Tahoma ( at 7 years old!). It was such a great way to spend a little rest time in between the hike up and meeting up with Karina and Mark. After we met up with them, we talked over the plan for the session and got started on one of the most magical sessions we’ve done!


The tones!

The session started off incredible, in large part because Karina and Mark killed it with their outfits. As the session went on the sunset gave us some absolutely gorgeous tones to highlight Mark and Karina as well as Tahoma! After capturing the beauty their engagement at multiple gorgeous spots we headed down the trail together, headlamps on, talking and laughing about all the things and feeling so incredibly lucky to be able to work with the amazing people we do every day and be able to document some of their most treasured moments!



Elopement Photographer, couple stands atop canyon wall in the wilderness


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