Winter Wonderland Engagement at Mount Rainier | Mt. Rainier Engagement Photographer

Mt. Rainier engagement photography

While we were in the process of booking out our last fall session openings, Kim and Alex reached out to us looking for an exciting hike that ended with a view of Tahoma (Mt. Rainier) that is to die for, and we had just the spot in mind!
We immediately thought of the picturesque spot that Karina and Mark hiked with us too!
Kim and Alex loved the spot just like we did once we showed them the images from the previous sessions we had done there. Coleman and I were so ecstatic to get a chance to capture some early season snow on Tahoma for Kim and Alex’s engagement session!
Mount Rainier Engagement
Mt. Rainier Engagement Photography


The mountain, however, decides when to show itself and when to hide. In the days leading up to their session, Coleman and I kept a close eye on the weather reports and saw a few days ahead that the weather might be untenable and talked over options with Kim and Alex. The morning of their session, we collectively made the decision that we would have to move the location or push the date. And thus, a new date was agreed upon!


Mt. Rainier Engagement Photographer


The date finally arrived, and we looked to have a winter wonderland! With just one problem, the road into our trailhead wasn’t cleared due to the winter wonderland! Coleman and I got up to Mt. Rainier early and found a couple of areas that we thought would be absolutely gorgeous. Kim and Alex thought it looked like a winter wonderland in a quick video we sent them and the session was on!


Mount Rainier Wedding Photographer


The set up and the shot!


Prior to Kim and Alex arriving we did some snow hiking around the area. We got to experience some of the amazing trails around the area in one of our favorite mediums, snow, for the first time of the year!


Mount Rainier Engagement


Kim and Alex were total badasses!


They threw on microspikes and hiked with us to all of the spots even though Alex was recovering from a broken toe!


We had such an amazing time documenting their engagement at Mt. Rainier and we are so excited that they

chose to work with us as their adventure elopement photographers in 2022!



Elopement Photographer, couple stands atop canyon wall in the wilderness


Boom! You made it and the adventures that come next will be unforgettable! We are Vannessa and Coleman, the two-person photography team here to take you on some amazing adventures whether that’s backpacking into a remote vista, climbing some cascade peaks, or getting sandy on a coastal beach, were already in and want you to come with!