PNW Helicopter Elopement

Stunning Helicopter British Columbia Elopement

   One off the bucket list! Check! We first met Jenn and Taylor when they scheduled a fall Mt. Rainier adventure session with us to celebrate their engagement in 2021. The conditions for their session had some interesting elements, including a bit of rain but they toughed it out like champs! We had so much fun working with them. They had a contagious sense of humor and obviously truly enjoyed each other’s company, as well as being out in nature. When we talked with them at their adventure session about their engagement and wedding plans, they didn’t have anything set in stone and weren’t quite sure which direction they wanted to go with the ceremony. After finishing up the ceremony, we let them know we would love to be involved with any wedding plans they may have and set off to get started on their images.  A few months later, as we were in the process of re-doing our website and planning out objectives for 2022, we posted that we were opening up slots in our elopement calendar for the new year, and we heard from Jenn and Taylor almost instantly! When they told us what they were thinking we knew that we wanted in!    Jenn and Taylor had two plans to decide between, either drive up to Banff and get elope at a beautiful glacial lake with an array of stunning peaks in the background or have a helicopter fly them to the top of a mountain top in British Columbia and get married on top of a mountain. As mountain lovers ourselves (duh right?) we had both of these spots on our elopement bucket list (reach out if you want to hear about other bucket list spots we have).    So we got to work and did what we always do! Set up a zoom meeting to discuss what we could offer and help them build a plan for their adventure elopement. After talking through all the logistics, the couple settled on the helicopter elopement with both our photography and videography package to document their elopement!  Jenn and Taylor are so much fun to be around and were so infectiously funny that it made every part of planning this trip so much fun! Once we all arrived in British Columbia it was on! For their first look the almost married couple chose a gorgeous golf course that is known to have many a bear visitor during this season. Jenn and Taylor had a magical first look that felt so genuine it made everyone around emotional. Next we made our way to the helicopter company (Blackcomb Helicopters) and got headed up to the peak, our pilot skillfully landed us on a glacier, between a corniced edge and a long slide to the tree line! The Jenn and Taylor stepped out and made magic happen, the weather was cold and the sun was bright but that didnt stop either of them from taking in the incredible views from our vantage point and taking a stroll on a glacier!  Getting to both photograph and film their elopement in this incredible alpine environment was such a blast and definitely checked off a bucket list item for us!  After their ceremony and bride and groom photos we headed to a wonderful restaurant, and solidified our friendship! This was a special session for us because not only did we get to photograph and film a wonderful elopement in a sp ectacular environment, but we also made some awesome new friends! 
Elopement Photographer, couple stands atop canyon wall in the wilderness


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