Mount Baker - Squak Glacier wedding ceremony on the peak with snow and mountain views

Mt Baker Summit Elopement Photography / Videography

In the heart of Washington state’s rugged wilderness, Laura and Sean embarked on a two-day journey that would not only challenge their physical limits but also unite them in marriage amidst the stunning backdrop of Mount Baker’s Squak Glacier and Roman Wall. This mountaineering elopement would be a testament to their shared love for adventure, nature, and each other.

Their love story began when Sean traded the bustling streets of Philadelphia for the untamed beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Laura, a Washington native, had already been captivated by the region’s outdoor wonders. Together, they bonded over their passion for hiking and conquering peaks, continually pushing each other to new heights.

When they envisioned their elopement day, these two were certain that they wanted to reach the summit of a local icon, and Mount Baker, with its majestic presence, was the perfect choice. We worked together to help this dream become a reality -the journey came together after months of planning, rigorous training, and careful coordination with the Mount Baker Ranger District to secure permits and follow protocols.

On the first day, the couple, along with their close friends Dale (who officiated), Tim (witness #1), and Dani (witness #2), began the approach to high camp. After setting up camp and enjoying a meal prepared in the wilderness, the setting sun witnessed Laura and Sean’s first look, just below the Squak Glacier. With anticipation in the air, they retired to their tents, cozy in their warm sleeping bags, and readied themselves for a 2 AM wake-up call.

As the dawn of the second day broke, the group arose, put on ropes and crampons, and set off with only headlamps to guide them. Two rope teams, Laura and Sean on one and their friends on another, navigated the treacherous terrain from camp to the 10,786-foot summit. It was as wild as it was breathtaking!

Following a wardrobe change for the bride and groom, their ceremony unfolded on a desolate summit plateau, bathed in the golden glow of the morning sun. The entire summit, basking in sunlight, was theirs to cherish as they exchanged vows and rings. Afterward, they switched back to their climbing attire to reach the true summit before descending the Roman Wall. Their journey down was tough thanks to whiteout conditions and a challenging descent of 3,000 feet to their camp, where they packed up and headed to reunite with family to enjoy some post-wedding pizza and beers.

This adventure elopement, set against the backdrop of Mount Baker’s pristine wilderness, was a testament to Laura and Sean’s love for each other and their shared passion for the great outdoors. It was an experience that pushed the boundaries of their love and proved that no peak is too high when two adventurous souls embark on life’s journey together.

We’re thrilled to share more of this incredible adventure with you, our highest-altitude elopement yet!

Elopement Photographer, couple stands atop canyon wall in the wilderness


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