Mt Rainier elopement

Mt. Rainier Elopement Under Stars in Autumn

Autumn was just beginning to roll in for Devyn and Alex’s dream September Mt. Rainier elopement. The air was a little crisper and the landscape more golden in the fall than just a month earlier in the summer. With only a few light, fluffy clouds in the sky, we had a beautiful view of Mount Rainier all day.

Planning Your Mt. Rainier Elopement Adventure

When we first met up with these two at the trailhead parking lot, we were all so excited for the adventure ahead! Not only are we a husband and wife photo and video team, we also act as elopement planners. We help you plan your dream elopement from beginning to end! Devyn and Alex LOVE to hike. We, of course, do too and and were able to help them secure their dream location with an unbelievable reflection of Mt. Rainier!

Leave No trace (LNT) is so very important to us so it’s imperative that we mention that this absolute gem of a spot is one that we work very closely with the park rangers to access! This area is under observation for research of the fragile alpine ecosystem.

Permits can take several months to obtain and are only granted for this spot once the board meets quarterly to decide. Always respect the trails that we are so lucky to have access to and get proper permits within the national parks!

Next, we got our packs on and hit the trail!

mt rainier elopement

autumn elopement mt rainier

elopement at mt rainier

After hiking through the dense forest, and seeing an adorable marmot, we emerged to a jaw-dropping view of Mt. Rainier. What better venue could there be than this private alpine lake that we had all to ourselves? The soon-to-be bride and groom put their packs down and started getting ready for their first look!

We know couples are always curious how changing into wedding attire on a mountain works. Check out the image of Devyn below, getting into her wedding dress with a black elastic changing robe that we bring along for privacy! It’s full coverage, can be worn around the neck so your arms are free to change under the robe, and it’s super lightweight!

mountain rainier elopement

autumn elopement mt rainier under the stars

Capturing The First Look and Ceremony

Now that these two were dressed, it was time for them to finally have their first look. It’s in moments like these that we can’t emphasize enough how incredibly important and treasured elopement videography is. Elopement photography is universally viewed as a staple when getting married, and we, of course, know how deeply valued photos are. Video is very unique and gives the opportunity to relive moments in their entirety!

Having the full reaction of your partner seeing you in your wedding attire for the first time, along with everything they said to you if you choose to be mic’d up, is incredibly special and a very easy way to help anyone who didn’t attend your elopement feel like they were there with you!

elopement under the stars

mt rainier elopement couple

autumn mt rainier elopement

Devyn and Alex’s first look was beautiful. We gave them a few moments to themselves, to explore, to really soak it all in. Finally, they had arrived at the Mt. Rainier ceremony location they had been dreaming of for so many months!

mt rainier mountain elopement

mt rainier outdoor elopement ceremony

romantic mt rainier elopement

With the first look done, it was time for their mountain ceremony! The ceremony was lovely and heartfelt, also full of laughter. Just the way it should be.

fall foliage mt rainier elopement

intimate mt rainier elopement

mt rainier mountain autumn elopement

bride and groom at mt rainier elopement

bride and groom kissing at mt rainier elopement

With the ceremony done, now it was time to relax, pop some champagne (we only use sparkling water for the spray shots to adhere to LNT), and take a ton of photos and video! We even stuck around for the incredible stars after sunset and blue hour. Make sure to scroll down to the end to see what this gorgeous Mt. Rainier reflection spot looks like at night!

bride and groom at their mt rainier elopement

 mt rainier mountain autumn elopement books

Mt Rainier vow books by The Cozy Comfy Home and can be found on their incredible Etsy shop.

bride and groom at mt rainier elopement holding books

mt rainier elopement destination

wilderness mt rainier elopement

bride and groom at mt rainier elopement taking pics

We love taking Polaroids of our couples at their elopement! This lets them take something tangible home with them right away.

a photo of bride and groom at their mt rainier elopement wedding

photo of bride and groom at their mt rainier elopement wedding

a landscape-oriented photo of bride and groom at their mt rainier elopement wedding

wilderness mt rainier elopement

bride at her mt rainier elopement wedding

couple enjoying their mt rainier elopement

couple celebrating their after their mt rainier elopement wedding

couple cheering after their mt rainier elopement wedding, taken by mt rainier elopement photographer

nature-inspired mt rainier elopement

nature-inspired mt rainier elopement at night

mt rainier elopement at night

Start Your Own Mt. Rainier Elopement Journey Today!

Embark on your dream elopement adventure at Mt. Rainier, amidst its breathtaking landscapes and beyond. While we specialize in crafting unforgettable elopements at Mt. Rainier, our expertise extends across various enchanting locations in Washington, including the majestic PNW, charming MT Baker, picturesque Pacific Northwest and North Cascades, serene Olympic National Park, quaint Leavenworth, and awe-inspiring MT St Helens.

Whether you envision exchanging vows against the backdrop of towering mountains, lush forests, or tranquil lakes, we’re here to turn your elopement dreams into reality. Ready to begin planning your unforgettable adventure? Thinking about eloping? We would LOVE to help you plan your dream adventure! Send us a message!

Elopement Photographer, couple stands atop canyon wall in the wilderness


Boom! You made it and the adventures that come next will be unforgettable! We are Vannessa and Coleman, the two-person photography team here to take you on some amazing adventures whether that’s backpacking into a remote vista, climbing some cascade peaks, or getting sandy on a coastal beach, were already in and want you to come with!